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Welcome to the RSC/SCI Joint Colloid Group web pages. Our committee represents the Pete Dowding 2RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group (CISG) and the SCI Colloid & Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG) and promote the SCI Colloid & Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG) and promote the interests of scientists with interests in Colloids, Interface Science and Nanoparticles.

Colloid and interface science today is a very broad and dynamic subject spanning a wide range of areas from classical dispersions to biological interfaces and covers such diverse areas from novel nanoparticles which are revolutionising the biodelivery of drugs to self-assembling and novel surface structures with innovative functionalities and the Colloid Group aims to act as a focus for these interests for the UK colloid and interface community (and wider). Whether you are a chemist, physicist, engineer, student, formulation scientist, nanotechnologist, pharmacist, biologist, polymer scientist, food scientist or any other related discipline, we welcome anyone interested in colloids to join the Colloid Group (see below) and our events.

The UK has a rich heritage in colloid science including the well-known scientists Thomas Graham who is often regarded as the founder of colloid science and Michael Faraday whose gold sols can still be seen in the Royal Institution museum in London.

In 1958 Sir Eric Rideal, a Past President of the SCI, founded the Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group to support the growing importance of colloids and surface chemistry in industry. Subsequently, in 1971 Ron Ottewill, Geoff Parfitt and Dennis Haydon with the support of Sir Eric created the Colloid and Interface Science Group within the Faraday Society, one of the RSC forerunner societies. This was in response to the increasing number of colloid centres being formed in academic institutions.

Since 2002 the two groups have worked jointly forming the "Joint Colloids Group" in order to provide a coherent focus for the UK colloid and interface science community, both in academia and industry. The Colloids Group organises various scientific events ranging from one day meetings to its tri-annual multiday international meeting, (UK Colloids). We also produce a newsletter which you can download from this site (contributions welcome) and support bursaries for attendance at UK and worldwide meetings through the Rideal Trust.

In addition to our events we have three awards, the McBain Medal, the Thomas Graham Lecture and the Rideal Lecture which honour, recognise and encourage researchers at all stages throughout their career. Further details on these and other items can be found within this website. Your support is highly appreciated whether as a speaker, participant or sponsor. We look forward to your participation at our events and welcome any suggestions that you may have. If you are interested in becoming involved, please do contact us.

Peter Dowding (Chair- Joint Colloids Committee)


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7th Annual MIBio Conference

MIBio 2017: Stability of Biopharmaceuticals – From Molecular Interactions to Successful Products, 4th October 2017, Downing College, Cambridge

The MIBio conference series engages world leading experts from industry and academia in a discussion on how the latest molecular interaction based discoveries can be exploited in biopharmaceutical formulation to produce more effective, patient-friendly and safer therapeutic products.

MIBio 2017 expects more than 100 industrial and academic research attendees to create an interesting and stimulating event fostering new collaborations and discoveries that will help steer the development of the next generation of formulation technologies. We will be inviting abstracts for poster submissions and welcome applications for sponsor and exhibitor slots on the day. We look forward to seeing you at MIBio 2017!

For more information and registration please follow this link:

MIBio 2017 is organised by the Formulation Science and Technology Group (FSTG) and the Joint Colloids Group (SCI) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) together with the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS).



McBain Medal: Watching Colloids Work, 12th December 2017, SCI, London, UK

The McBain medal is awarded annually by the SCI/RSC Joint Colloids Group to recognise a rising star in colloid and interface science. Dr Rico Tabor from Monash University has been awarded the 2017 McBain medal for his work on surfactants and responsive colloidal systems. Dr Tabor obtained his PhD from the University of Bristol and then moved to Melbourne, where his research focuses on designing complex systems of particles and surfactants that respond to light, pH, or magnetic fields. This meeting will showcase some of the latest work in colloids that respond to external stimuli, and state-of-the-art techniques to ‘watch them work’, with applications in areas as diverse as smart water treatment and functional foods. A dedicated poster session will also give students the opportunity to present their work.

A flyer for the event can be found at this link.

To register for the event, please visit:

For more information contact:

T: +44 (0)20 7598 1561

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. W:

Organised by SCI’s Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group and RSC’s Colloid & Interface Science Group


Sir Eric Rideal Travel Bursaries

The Sir Eric Rideal Travel Bursaries are a joint bursary between the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Chemical Industry.  It provides funds for attendance at a conference in the field of colloid and surface science.

We particularly welcome applications from delegates who wish to attend the UK COLLOIDS 2017 conference.

Sir Eric Rideal (1890-1974) was the founding Chair of the RSC Colloid and Interface Science Group.

The Rideal Trust annually offers financial assistance to promising academic research workers in the general field of colloid and surface science to attend conferences and/or to visit relevant research institutions.

Awards of up to £500 will be made on a competitive basis to assist with travel and/or subsistence and/or conference registration fees.

There are two closing dates for applications each year:

15 April (for travel planned between 1 June and 31 December)

15 October (for travel planned between 1 December and 30 June).

Please contact the SCI Awards department for further information.

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You can become a member by joining one of the two groups:

SCI Colloid & Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG).

RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group (CISG).

The former is open to SCI members only. The latter is open both to RSC members and associates AND to scientists and engineers who belong, either, to a chartered professional or learned body from outside the chemical sciences, or to another chemical society with whom the RSC has entered into an international partnership agreement approved by RSC Council. Non-RSC members of CISG pay RSC a small annual fee to cover administration and postage.


For information on how to become a member of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) or Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) please see the links below: 

Non-members of RSC wishing to join CISG should contact the RSC Membership Dept. (contact details at, asking to join the Colloid & Interface Science Interest Group, only, and mentioning their own affiliation.  The membership administration fee is £10 currently. In case of difficulty please contact a member of the Joint Committee.