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Thomas Graham Lecture

Named after one of the founders of colloid science, the Thomas Graham Lecture was established in 2011 to fill the gap between the McBain Medal for early career scientists and the Rideal Lecture, which is a “lifetime achievement award” for a person making a distinguished and sustained contribution to colloid and interface science.

The Graham Lecturer will be in the prime of their research career, having established an international reputation in colloid science, and will have already made distinguished contributions to the field while working in the UK. Graham Lecturers will typically have completed their postgraduate study between 15 and 30 years prior to the time of their nomination.

Currently serving committee members of either the RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group (CISG) or SCI Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG) are not eligible for the Medal.

Award Information

  • Type: Mid-career.
  • Frequency: biennial from 2017.
  • Deadline for nominations: 1st March 2017 and biennially thereafter.
  • Nominators: CSCG and CISG members.
  • Contact: Awards Coordinator (see Contacts page).
  • Further information can be found at this link.
  • On-line nomination form can be found at this link.


2011 Prof Colin Bain, University of Durham
2014 Prof Steven Armes, University of Sheffield
2017 Prof Joe Keddie, University of Surrey
2019 Prof Wilson Poon, University of Edinburgh

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