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Awards overview

The RSC Colloid & Interface Science Group (CISG) or SCI Colloid and Surface Chemistry Group (CSCG) jointly administer three awards. Follow this link for a full history of the RSC/SCI joint colloid group medals and the names behind it.

The Sir Eric Rideal Award and Lecture

The Sir Eric Rideal Lecture is a late-career or “life-time achievement award” for researchers and technologists who have made sustained and outstanding contributions to colloid and interface science or its applications. It was previously known as the Founder’s Lecture and has been administered by the joint committees of the CSCG and CISG (“Joint Colloids Group”) since 2006.

The Thomas Graham Lecture

The Thomas Graham Award and Lecture is a mid-career award to a researcher who has established an international reputation in colloid and interface science and has made distinguished contributions to the field. Named after one of the founders of modern colloid science, it became a Joint Colloids Group award in 2011.

The McBain Medal

The McBain medal is an early-career award for researchers and technologists working in the UK on topics of relevance to colloids and interface science. First awarded in 2006, and named after James William McBain, it is intended to recognise both achievement and evidence of future promise.

The Katharine Burr Blodgett Award

The Katharine Burr Blodgett award is open to researchers working in the field of colloid and interface science, who have received their PhD from a UK institution within the past year. Named after the esteemed surface scientist and the first woman to receive a PhD in Physics by the University of Cambridge, this award aims to recognise the best PhD research in the field.

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